About us

Joshua – Managing Director 

Joshua Manages all aspects of the business and ensures good communication between customers and suppliers.  After working with khan in a few deals, Joshua saw the huge potential in this business model and quickly partnered with khan to form Axbridge trading. Whilst khan handles all the sourcing, Joshua handles every other aspects of the business to ensure a good quality service is provided to customers.

Khan – Sourcing Agent

With many years of experience in the importing and exporting industry he has managed establish a wide network of global suppliers. His good relations with manufactures and suppliers always ensures us to get the best deal. He has supplied for big companies in the past, operating mainly with European countries but now aims to grow his customer base in the uk by partnering with Joshua.

Daya – Global Agent

With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, daya handles all our orders directly with the manufacturer overseas. It is vital when sourcing high value products that someone is able to physically be there and inspect the factories, resolve queries and meet the business owners face to face. Daya represents us and always ensures that the products being delivered are exactly to our specification.